Address and Phone:

Station 1
14645 Dixie hwy.
Holly, MI 48442

Station 2
3085 Grange Hall rd.
Ortonville MI, 48462

Other Info :

Scanner: 153.800 Mhz
For emergencies: Dial 9-1-1

ISO rating: 4

Combination department, with 3 paid professionals, one civilian administration assistant, and 65 part-paid professionals/fill-in or cadets.

General Information

Groveland Township is located in north Oakland County in southwestern Michigan and covers 36 square miles. The Township has over 5,000 acres of State land and is known for it's large estate size parcels and recreational amenities. Mt. Holly, several state/county and local camps, as well as the Michigan Renaissance Festival provide year-round entertainment to locals and visitors alike.

The fire department consists of 68 active members responding from two stations. The department is staffed with a minimum of two people at Station 1 and two people as well at station 2, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The fire department provides advanced life support treatment and transportation service with a response time averaging 4 minutes. The department will respond to 2200+ calls this year (2247 calls in 2013), most being of a medical nature. We also protect over 7 miles of Interstate 75, so many incidents involving motor vehicle accidents are also encountered.

Our goal is to treat everyone we respond to as family. We understand the stress involved during and accident, medical emergency or fire. Helping people and their families through an incident is often as important as the treatment an injured person receives. We treat everyone involved the way we'd want our families treated.

We are ALWAYS looking for healthy men & women to join our team, please call the Chief if you're interested in helping your community!

- Chief Steven R. McGee

Burn Permits

To obtain a burn permit, please visit Station 1 at 14645 Dixie Hwy, Station 2 at 3085 Grange Hall rd, or the Township Hall at 4695 Grange Hall rd.

A permit can be issued, at no charge, that will expire December 31st of each year. The rules and regulations are also listed on your copy of the permit.


-May be obtained for the day of use only
-Must be 50' from any structure
-No rubbish or petroleum products
-Must be attended at all times
-Must be extinguished before dark

Fire Prevention

It can be a very dangerous and devistating thing. That's why we at Groveland Fire Department encourage fire prevention.

But How???

We use several methods to make our residents' homes safer.
Home Fire Prevention SurveysWe provide free home saftey inspections! To get one, contact Groveland Fire Station 1.

A firefighter will visit your home, and take you through the steps of fire saftey.

Vehicle Donations

Groveland Firefighter's Association

Vehicle, Boat, Motorcycle, or RV Donation Drive

If you have something that you would like to donate to the firefighters association, please call (248)-634-7722

Tax deductible

Helps your firefighters

Thank you for your continued support!



Services Offered:
Search & Rescue
Water rescue
First aid training
Home safety inspections
Cadet program

Township Board :
Supervisor: Robert Depalma
Clerk: Pam Mazich
Treasure: David Ax
Trustee: Dale Casen
Trustee: Diane Howell


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