Please visit either of our stations to obtain a burn permit, or click here to obtain a burn permit online.

Open burning is allowed by permit only, and shall be issued by Groveland Township Fire Department, subject to the rules listed on this page.

Open burning is allowed during the following times:
-Summer Hours (April 1 – November 31 8am-8pm)
-Winter Hours (December 1 – March 31 8am-6pm)

All materials being burned must be from the site. No materials may be brought to the site for purpose of disposal.

No burning shall be permitted within 50' of any structure. Provisions shall be made to prevent fire from spreading.

No burning along roadways.

No flammable liquids shall be permitted to ignite the fire; this includes gasoline, kerosene, starter fluid, etc.

Fire must be attended at all times by someone 14 years of age or older with capabilities of extinguishing the fire.

No burning shall be allowed on construction sites.

The size of the pile to be burned shall be no larger than 6' in diameter.

Remember, burning is a privilege that may be revoked at any time. It shall be the option of the fire official to dictate the right to burn.

Burning violations may be subject to fines in accordance to Civil Infraction Penalty. First offense will be $75.00, second offense $150.00 and privileges revoked.

Campfire permits must be issued by contacting Groveland Township Fire Department at (248)-634-7722 on the day the campfire will occur.

Can burn: Dry leaves, papers, brush, wood scraps.

Can't burn: Plastic, rubber, petroleum products, shingles, fiberglass, tires, treated lumber, carpeting, garbage, furniture, manufactured building products, OSB structure board, anything that causes black smoke or offensive odor.



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